Decorating tip

Painting with a Cayman palette 

The way a person chooses to decorate their home or workplace is a reflection of their personality and tastes.

And Laurél suggests that a favourite piece of artwork could be the basis for creating a new space, or remodelling a room.

“The colours they choose for the walls, the choice of what will be on the walls, even the furniture and other decorative accents can really speak a lot about a person,” she says.

“I love the use of colour and textures, and using them correctly will create the perfect mood or accent. The right painting or the right piece of decor can suddenly provide an amazing focal point to any space, whether it’s a home or a business.

“If that favourite piece happens to be a painting, you can use shades from the painting to get colour ideas for walls, or fabric etc. A piece of artwork could be both a starting point and ending point for a design project.”

A painting Laurél named Tranquil (previous page) was recently purchased on-island by a customer who will use it as just such a focal point.

 “The person who acquired it loved it so much they will be redecorating the room it’s in because of the inspiration it gave them,” she says.