Underwater Art

All of the artists have, at some point, stayed at Sunset House and have definitely been acquainted with us over the years. 


Stingrays wow on wall

A giant mosaic depicting Cayman’s emblematic stingrays has been stopping guests in their tracks as they arrive at a hotel on Seven Mile Beach.


Captivated by Charles Long

“The paintings record the changing face of Cayman; they chronicle physical and social changes…”


In the frame

Taking the time to frame your artwork will create a focus for the piece, displaying it to the best effect in your home. 


Decorating tip

The way a person chooses to decorate their home or workplace is a reflection of their personality and tastes.


Logwood turned to art

The Logwood tree, which was once at the heart of Cayman’s economy, has found a new lease of life by being turned into eco-friendly, functional artwork.


Painting with a Cayman palette

Artist finds the tropical colours and flowers an inspiration for her work on canvas.


The magic of Mystic Glo

An award-winning Caymanian artist makes his work shine in the night. InsideOut finds out how.


Art of Stained Glass

A large window-sized piece can take Nancy up to 90 hours to complete.


A stroke of genius

Internationally acclaimed artist Bendel Hydes may have grown up in the ‘islands time forgot’ but even as a child his thoughts and aspirations went beyond Cayman. At the age of six, he spent a year...

The National Gallery

“Art is something we do when we are no longer struggling to survive,” His Excellency the Governor Duncan Taylor said at the opening ceremony of the new National Gallery of the Cayman Islands.


An Ancient Art

This ancient technique conjures images of old men plying their wares on the misty canals of Venice. Fusing beauty and danger, glassblowing is a rare and delicate art, one that often seems forgotten in this modern age.

Collectible Art

 In a world filled with identical, mass produced consumables, we prize most highly that which is rare or unique. And because we value rare things, we want to acquire them.


Artist discovers island inspiration

For Carolyn Kirkham, there is no better subject than the beauty of the Cayman Islands.  The established artist, who is known by her pseudonym CE Whitney, finds endless inspiration in the sights and colours of the islands. Cayman is her muse.   

Rising Stars

Cayman has one of the most vibrant art scenes in the Caribbean, with a wealth of unique artists. Yet it is not just established artists who are helping to put the islands on the map.

The art of Feng Shui

If you have ever wondered why some people seem to have energy, luck and happiness, while your own life seems cluttered and confusing, it is time to consider your environment. 


The Growth of the National Gallery

The new National Gallery and Education Centre, scheduled for completion in late 2011, will be the islands’ cultural hub, the premier venue for Caymanian and international art, education and scholarship.

National Gallery Exhibit

The relationship between art and life is central to The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands. Since its birth in 1997, the gallery has been at the forefront of Cayman’s artistic scene; it represents the culture and people of the islands, while, at the same time, making art accessible to the public.

A private viewing

The names Dali, Picasso, Rembrandt and Munch would seem more at home in a Parisian museum than in a quiet Caymanian neighbourhood.

Rising talent in the local arts’ firmament

Sidebar: With an eye to the futureWith a vibrant arts scene now firmly established in Cayman, new talent is emerging daily. Keep a close eye on the follwing three artists whose work, while technically...




Guest Essentials

A Warm Welcome

Worth a Mention