Modern cabinetry

Worth a Mention Pooley Kitchen Design Studio is constantly updating its selection of contemporary doors, and has recently added Milan-based Lusso Cucina to its inventory. Lusso Cucina supplies environmentally friendly thermo-structured surface cabinets, and creates...

Wood to have you floored

Wood doesn’t chip or crack when objects are dropped on it and it allows one to refinish the surface, and change the colour, look and texture. 


Furnishing Small Spaces

Smaller homes and apartments present some unique challenges when it comes to design and furnishing. However, a small but well designed and furnished space can be as dramatic, comfortable and functional as any large room.


A stage set for life

InsideOut talks to Pedro Theye, senior architect at DDL Studio, about his career adventures around the world.


Champagne Mailly Grand Cru Brut Rosé N/V

Sidebar: Lovely BubblyThe beautiful package makes this pink champagne an immediate hit. The cuvée is a blend of 90 per cent Pinot Noir and 10 per cent Chardonnay all from some of the best...

Quality cabinetry for every room in your home

Kitchens are no longer mere food preparation areas tucked into a narrow space in the far reaches of a home. They are increasingly becoming the heart of the home – a place where families and friends gather, socialise and enjoy meals –

Building on green technology

Every residence will use solar power to generate electricity. Each villa will collect rainwater for landscaping and taps outside the house.


Hints of Asia

The love of Asian aesthetics has strongly influenced the design of a new-build home for one family in South Sound.


Lydia Geerlings

I could really have some fun here. Assuming you have a large space enabling you to include all the amenities, I would make a point of breaking it up into zones, creating intimate areas for relaxing or having fun – an area for dining, an area for comfy seating and conversation, and an area for sun worship (preferably with a pool).

Be a colour chameleon

Colour is as important to the home as any other aspect of interior finishes.

Many homeowners find ways to incorporate accents of colour throughout the home, through furniture decorations such as cushions and throws, or...

Art from the heart

For most couples, it can be difficult to share a home and a similar career without encroaching on each other’s space. But for Renate and Mikael Seffer, this overlap between work and play provides the perfect canvas for their relationship.

At home with propane

These days, it is getting easier to move away from the expensive use of electricity to the more affordable propane gas.

From trash to treasure

The old adage of one man’s trash is another man’s treasure certainly rings true for the Cayman Islands Humane Society.

Choosing the right mattress

A decent night’s sleep is essential for all round health and wellbeing, and one’s mattress has a great deal of bearing on the quality of one’s sleep. 


Lydia Uzzell of Designworks:

Invest in items that you can easily take with you to your next home – throw pillows, accent throws, artwork and small accents (trays, vases, coasters, sculptures) that will reflect your personality.


Feeling right at Home

When Tom McCallum first laid eyes on Grand Harbour, he fell in love. The wide canals meant he would not stare into the homes of his neighbours across the water, while the location provided him with a clear view all the way to North Sound.

Home technology update

Home automation is no longer a fantasy played out in science fiction movies. It’s a reality and here in the Cayman Islands.  Most of us already have some sort of home automation from garage door openers to security systems. But there’s much more to home automation...


A fusion of Style

There is something magical about stepping into the home of a passionate chef. Even if there isn’t anything being prepared, the very idea that you are .... 

Weathering the storm

Living in paradise can have its drawbacks. When one of those drawbacks is hurricane season, it is worth factoring Mother Nature into your plans if you are designing or renovating a home.



A Home in Harmony

It is rare to find a family home that is both chic and comfortable, an elegant abode that also encompasses the needs of a bustling household.  But it is fair to say this house, located in the stunning surrounds of Vista Del Mar, is out of the ordinary.