Cooking Class Craze

Once seen as a mundane chore for housewives, cooking has now become a favourite hobby of men, women and even children. Television cooking shows abound, making celebrities out of chefs who teach home cooks recipes and techniques previously seen only in restaurant kitchens.


The plight of the parrots

In times gone by it was popular to keep parrots as pets in Cayman and the practice continues to cause distress to some of these beautiful birds.


Grande Dame of Cayman architecture

Not only is Grand Old House one of the finest restaurants in Cayman, it is also one of the greatest examples of historic architecture.



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Iconic Chairs

Their design, the materials from they were made, and the techniques used to craft them–every aspect of the chair has progressed with the times.

Local suppliers & contractors

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Salon S Le mesnil blanc de blanc 1996

Sidebar: Lovely BubblyLe mesnil is a small vineyard where only in exceptional years do they pick the grapes – in the last 88 years they have made it only 35 times. It has fine...

IKEA furniture in Cayman

As furniture brands go, IKEA is possibly the most internationally recognised brand in the world. Over the years IKEA has built a reputation for high quality, innovative house wares and furniture at affordable prices.


Katie Adams

How would you encourage someone to approach an outdoor space, in terms of interior design?

Rums of the Caribbean

Rum. The mere word conjures visions of drunken pirates singing; of fruity drinks in tall glasses by the pool; of British sailors on the open seas. Above all, though, rum conjures visions of the Caribbean, where the spirit was born.

Michelle Butler of Design Studio

Replace area rugs. Rugs can look worn quite quickly, especially in Cayman’s climate, and a new one does not have to break the budget. Soft pile indoor/outdoor rugs clean more easily and are therefore ideal in heavy traffic areas. 


Making a mark with murals

You may not know Tansy Maki by sight, although she certainly stands out in a crowd.


Job for the weekend – let’s caulk!

Have you looked at the state of the sealants around your baths, sinks and windows lately?  Caulking is a waterproofing product which prevents costly leaks and though long lasting, if done properly, can get brittle, dull and start cracking over time. 

Eco Warrior

In this time of environmental latecomers, when everyone is keen to boast of their green credentials, Lois Blumenthal is a breath of fresh air.

Current landfill disposal

Back to Main Story:   Moving mountains Household waste: compacted on site and covered with dirt.Used motor oil and cooking oil: shipped to the US for recycling.Batteries (car and other types): shipped to US for...

Contemporary Retreat

One of the hallmarks of great design is attention to detail. That’s apparent in a master bathroom revamp by Michelle Butler and David Wilson of The Design Studio – a revitalizing remodel that makes a dramatic before-and-after...

Dress like the designers

For some, making a bed is a work of art and combining interesting textures and complementary colours help create a designer look. 


The magic of massage

 The modern holistic approach to mind and body balance means people are turning to alternative and complementary therapies to enhance their wellbeing and treat ailments.

The Perfect Solution

It has been called “an industry based on nothing”, and “marketing’s answer to the emperor’s new clothes”. Billions of gallons of it have been recalled because of contamination over the past decade, and it has been criticised for causing damage to the environment and to our health.

Splash out on a pool

A pool is an inviting addition to your home and is a great way to enjoy Cayman’s tropical climate in the privacy of your own garden.