Glamour, everyday

Owned by Chris and Courtney Burke, Bella Vista is a contemporary neoclassical home on the serene canal front of Britannia Estates. Chris is a developer at Cornerstone Group, and the couple share the home...

The Bachelorette

The terms “bachelor pad” and “man cave” have been bandied about for years, conjuring visions of living spaces or single rooms festooned with décor and accessories typically embraced by the male of the species:...

Love it, don’t list it

It is hard to imagine wanting to leave one’s home on Seven Mile Beach. Even with the draw of more space and expanding infrastructure in other districts, a home on this stretch of perfect...

Little Oasis

Part of the magic of a vacation is the physical departure from one country to another. There is also something to be said for escaping to a locale that isn’t overrun with tourists; one...
At 575 square feet, the Kosa’s home conveys majesty with a vaulted roof inspired by Pete Kosa’s passion for sailing.

Small but mighty

Small abodes are no longer restricted to enforced necessity, but also to desire. No longer confined to smaller budgets, but to simplified attitudes on what is important in life. It seems some homeowners are growing...

Eclectic inspiration

There is nothing quite like being invited into the home of someone with a brilliant sense of creativity. Our homes are, after all, real life reflections of our proclivities and cultural influences. If you...

La dolce vita

“I like to mix contemporary elements with traditional pieces, it looks so much richer when layered,” she says. “The condo is filled with 18th century, crystal, china and silver.”


Rock-a-bye baby

The result is a 360-degree depiction of jungle, beach and ocean scenes, with monkeys swinging from trees, dolphins jumping over white-crested waves, and lions overlooking their cartoon kingdom.


Kool Kai

The interior canvas of a new home in Cayman Kai is a crisp and neutral white, contrasting with the shimmering shades of sea-blues framed by huge windows.


A passion for fashion

Obsessed with fashion since she was a little girl, Taraneh Kameli has decorated her apartment in a style that embodies romanticism and bohemian-chic.


On Broadway

“My intention was to build a theater that felt like you were sitting in a Broadway show,” 





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