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Lie of the Land

Name and title: 
Hedley Robinson, managing director.

Physical address:
13 Midsummer Drive, Spotts

Contact details:
Tel: 945-6655
Fax: 945-6656
Email: [email protected]

Established: 1999
Specialise in: Architectural firms have to be adaptive in our small market environment and cannot afford to specialise in any one field of architecture. My work has included condominiums, multi-family developments, office fit-outs, penthouses and commercial projects.

Company divisions: Architectural design andArchitectural planning

Number of staff: Sole practitioner

Commercial projects: Five-storey Safehaven Corporate CentreRoyal Watler Port Facilities, George TownTrinity Square Centre, George Town.

Residential projects: L’Ambience Townhouses, George TownSavannah Grand Villas, SavannahPrivate residences in South Sound
Aims for the future: Architecture has its share of struggles like any other field of specialised work. The challenge always is to develop and implement creative and synergistic building design and construction techniques with a view towards a client’s budget, time and cost saving.