Choose your Sheen

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source: The Coating Centre, Plaza Venezia

Since flat paint is non-reflective, it is used to conceal surface imperfections on walls that are damaged, dented or rough. It is generally considered to be a good choice for ceilings.

Eggshell, satin or pearl
More lustrous than flat paints, these sheens impart warmth and depth to a room, so they are ideal for light traffic areas. The higher sheen is also more forgiving of marks and stains. Sheens are a good choice for bedrooms, family rooms, hallways and dining areas.

More reflective semi-gloss paints are very forgiving of stains. Although some decorators feel the high lustre makes them less appealing for large walls, they can be used in areas requiring high washability. Semi-gloss is a good choice for kitchens, bathrooms, playrooms, trim and doors.

This highly reflective sheen offers the toughest and most durable finish available. Gloss paints are ideal for areas of very high traffic that are prone to high amounts of finger prints, grime and dirt – a good choice for garages, workrooms, cabinets and trim.