Maintenance levels for pets

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Low maintenance pets
The following animals need to be fed daily and have their tanks, cages or litter boxes cleaned once a week. However, they generally require little special care; they are happy to amuse themselves. Of course, every animal is different with their own unique personality, which may impact on how much attention they need.

• Fish
• Turtles
• Lizards
• Cats
• Small birds
• Rabbits
• Guinea pigs
• Hamsters
• Mice and rats

Medium maintenance pets
Dogs are known as medium maintenance pets and are amongst the most popular for families. Depending on the breed and size of dog, they generally require around an hour of combined daily care, feeding, and cleaning. All breeds must be allowed to use the bathroom at least three times daily. Check with a veterinarian for specific requirements before you choose to purchase, or adopt. Like people, dogs vary individually, and may have to go to the bathroom more often. Dogs also need to be exercised at least once a day, groomed regularly and, unlike cats, they cannot be left alone for the weekend while you leave the island. Daily enrichment and mental stimulation is also important for a healthy mind of your pet, as it helps avoid any future behavioral problems, such as chewing.

High maintenance pets
Many people will find that high maintenance pets are not compatible to their lifestyle, as they require a considerable amount of time, energy, attention and money. They also tend to use a lot of space, so think carefully before taking on a high maintenance pet.

• Horses
• Chimpanzees
• Pot-belly pigs
• Large birds, like Macaws
• Llamas