Lovely bubbly

When it comes to hosting the perfect party, nothing quite says celebration like champagne. But to ensure all those bubbles don’t become intoxicating, it helps to have delicious canapés on hand.

With so many different dishes to choose from, finding the perfect finger food to accompany your champagne can be a challenge for a first-time, or even a fifth-time, party host.

Yet, according to Sean Collins of catering company Misé en Place, choosing the right canapés to complement your champagne doesn’t have to be a chore.

“Champagne refreshes the palate with every sip,” Sean says.

He believes the type of food you choose should depend on the type of champagne you plan to serve, regardless of the size or type of event.

“It makes a difference if the champagne is sweet or dry. Dishes like snapper ceviche, oysters in the half shell, foie gras, tuna tartar, and different pates and terrines will all complement brut or demi-sec champagnes,” Sean says.

“In the case of foie gras, pate, terrines and savoury mousses, champagne cuts back on the butter-like texture, creating a great contrast of flavours.”
Sweeter champagnes, however, are perfect for desserts – and for those with a sweet tooth.

‘Sweet champagnes suit sweeter dishes, like flan, or mousse or the clichéd chocolate-dipped strawberries,” Sean says. “Champagne intensifies your next mouthful.”

So, the next time champagne is your tipple of choice, ensure your choice of canapés add to the celebration.