In summary

Welcome! In this edition of InsideOut we tour exclusive condominiums on Seven Mile Beach and explore the home of Ashleigh and Kim Lund, who transformed a standard dwelling into a luxurious retreat for the entire family. Feeling inspired to make a change in your home?
We focus our attention on design influences from the oceans that surround us, in Design meets the Sea, page 42, to faraway lands and the tribal art of carpet weaving, in Origins of Style, page 68.
The architectural ingenuity of Camana Bay is laid out on page 84, and our article Green Scene, on page 108, highlights how proper landscaping adds beauty and harmony to a development. We also take a closer look at Silver Rain, the exclusive spa at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman.  From concept to completion, we delve into the birth of the first La Prairie spa in the world, on page 62.
From stunning architecture to amazing people, this issue highlights a number of extraordinary individuals, all of whom impact our lives in a positive way. International celebrity Anthony Bourdain takes time out in Cayman from his hectic schedule to share some insights into his life, on page 128, and Caymanian designer Tamara Tigerlily Hill reveals the origins, and rise to the red carpet, of her clothing line Crown Atelier, on page 56. Our Eco Warrior article explores the life of Lois Blumenthal, on page 100, and Lighthouse Point owners, Jay and Nancy Easterbrook, open the doors of their eco-friendly development, on page 94.
For our competition we have teamed up with Caribbean Club to offer a two-night staycation! Rise with the sun and walk onto Seven Mile Beach. It’s time to be a tourist for a weekend, page 60.
There is so much more, but I’ve run out of space so please, sit back, relax, and enjoy the read!