Life Threads

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Luxurious Silver Rain

Last year’s economic downturn brought heartache for many businesses.
But for La Prairie, it provided the inspiration behind its new fragrance collection, Life Threads.
“When we came up with Life Threads, we were thinking about the economy, about the way people were spending, about the need to lessen conspicuous consumption,” says Lynne Florio, president of La Prairie.
“It seemed that people were focusing more on the connections in their lives, and how they connect with each other, so that became our theme – Life Threads.”
Life Threads is available in three unique scents – Silver, Gold and Platinum – which speak to the dimensions in a woman’s life.  Silver connects to the sensual side with an enchanting floral fragrance; Gold seduces with a heady spicy oriental scent; and Platinum offers elegance and sophistication in an edgy chypre floral fragrance.
For the first time, the company launched a digital campaign with a series of online short films, nine in total, that capture the lives of Silver, Gold and Platinum women. The Gold films were shot in Grand Cayman and feature local people. La Prairie also partnered with New York folk singer Lucy Kaplansky, a long-time favourite of Lynne’s, who wrote the song ‘Life Threads’ for the campaign.
“Fragrance is definitely a trend at the moment,” explains Lynne. “But fragrance is a very emotional thing.
“It was really fun and really interesting for us to work on this digital campaign for Life Threads. We had basically every sense to work with but smell, which was difficult with a fragrance.
“We were able to reach out to customers that we had not connected with before through the digital campaign.”