Karoly Szücs Artistic metal fabricator at Artisan Metal Works

How important are outdoor spaces in the home?
You have to like your outdoor spaces if that is your home. It has to be pleasing to your eye and to your liking.
How would you create a piece for an outdoor space?
Outdoors, you have no choice but to use copper, stainless steel, brass and bronze. These metals can withstand the climate without corroding and rusting. The right metal can be perfect for Cayman’s climate; it will age with the garden and never ever rust away. I would build a piece that would melt into the garden, so it doesn’t stand out. It needs to be in the background. I would never build something that doesn’t fit.
What sort of looks/themes can be used in this space?
Some clients completely give us a free hand, which can be overwhelming, but it also gives me a bit of adrenaline. They say, ‘We trust you Karoly’. It’s a great deal of pressure, but under that pressure magic can happen. For the outdoors, we’ve created outdoor showers, sculptures, water fountains, plant holders, garden benches, light fixtures, railings and gates.
What would be your advice to someone looking to design an outdoor space? 
When a client comes in, I like to give my own two cents about their ideas. If I probably don’t think it would work, I will tell them. Then I will help them to come up with a way to make it work. You have to look at the surroundings and build something that will work with it. Use organic shapes. Use a metal that will age well, or use the colours of the surroundings. The piece needs to blend in with the garden.