Katie Adams

[email protected] Interior designer at IDG
How would you encourage someone to approach an outdoor space, in terms of interior design? Define your space by deciding how you want this area to be used.  In other words, which functions do you want your space to achieve?
Once you have defined the space, for example the roof top terrace. Stay within that plan when selecting furniture and other accents. The idea is to keep the flow visually clean and the space functional and precise.
Select outdoor furniture that compliments the style of your interior, especially if the two spaces are directly related. Select a complementary color scheme as well for the main pieces. If you like color then keep it to interchangeable accents such as cushions, umbrellas, accessories, and planters.
How would you design an outdoor space that was equipped with all the amenities? If you have an outdoor kitchen, or bar, then you will want to design an area for dining and entertaining.  An outdoor space can serve several different functions cohesively if it is thoughtfully planned out.
What sort of looks/themes can be used in this space? Anything goes but for an outdoor space to become an extension of the interior home, it is important to make sure the theme you select is complimentary of the existing style.    
If you start with elemental furniture items you can easily change your theme as often as desired with different accents such as cushion colors and patterns, lanterns and candles, plants and smaller accessories.
What would be your advice to someone looking to design an outdoor space? Decide how you want to utilise it, for example relaxing, entertaining or eating. Keep it simple by selecting colors and accents that work well with each other, too many colours and patterns will only create a busy and confused atmosphere.