Lydia Geerlings

[email protected] Interior Designer at Designworks

How important are outdoor spaces in the home?
Hugely important, particularly with our climate. It is wonderful to take advantage of the main reason we are all here by incorporating outdoor living in our homes.
How would you design an outdoor space that was equipped with all the amenities?
I could really have some fun here. Assuming you have a large space enabling you to include all the amenities, I would make a point of breaking it up into zones, creating intimate areas for relaxing or having fun – an area for dining, an area for comfy seating and conversation, and an area for sun worship (preferably with a pool).
Shade is important and can be achieved via permanent or temporary structures, strategic planting, shade sails and umbrellas. It’s important to note the prevailing winds and if possible orient your outdoor area accordingly. There is nothing like a good breeze on a hot day! And, of course, lingering outside after dusk is all the more enjoyable with ambient lighting.
The installation of an outdoor kitchen would make entertaining a breeze and said kitchen could include all the mod cons such as a bar, fridge, built in BBQ and warming drawers.
What sort of looks/themes can be used in this space?

The options are really unlimited, although I would tend to keep the tone of an outdoor space along the same vein as that inside the house.
What would be your advice to someone looking to design an outdoor space? The same advice I give to someone designing a space inside the home – engage a designer!
Whether you work with a landscaper or interior designer is up to you, but they are both trained to make the most of your space within your allocated budget.