Mango. Savoury & sweet


Harvey’s Island Grill Grilled salmon with mango salsa

Mise en Place: Caramelised island mango & pineapple with Sarawak black pepper

In Hindu culture, mangoes are known as the fruit of the Gods.

Not only is this mouthwatering fruit, found throughout the Caribbean, packed with all sorts of nutrients, it’s also a delight for chefs.

The sweet and tangy taste, combined with the powerful aroma, provides perfect fodder for those who like to experiment in the kitchen as it can be used in an endless variety of dishes.

So, with mango season just around the corner in Cayman, InsideOut asked two chefs to put their spin on this local favourite. And the result is nothing short of delicious.

At Harvey’s Island Grill, the focus is on using fresh, local ingredients to create mouthwatering dishes bursting with flavour. For this signature entrée (see page 126), head chef, Denis Seyer, used local mango for the salsa to give a vibrant taste of the Cayman Islands.

“The mix of sweet and salt makes this the perfect, refreshing Caribbean dish,” says the restaurant’s owner, Bruno Deluche. “We try to use local ingredients as much as we can. We want our customers to taste the Cayman flavours.”

Local ingredients are definitely at the fore at Harvey’s Island Grill, which offers a Caribbean brunch every Sunday.

The salsa recipe is easy to recreate in your own kitchen. Bruno recommends using local mahi mahi, although he says the flavours work with any type of fish.

“We’ve used the local mango here,” Bruno says, “because it’s nice to be able to use the local fruits.”

The quartet of mango desserts (see page 127), created by Mise En Place’s head chef, Danny Fink, illustrates the flexibility of the fruit. And with so many different variations, it is clear that mango was designed for those with a sweet tooth.

“I wanted to try and use the mango in as many different ways as I could,” Danny explains, pointing to the light ganache, the tangy gel and the peppered slices of mango and pineapple. “I wanted to show how versatile the fruit is.

“You can use mango in every possible way, from appetisers to main courses to desserts.”

In the Mise En Place kitchen, Danny uses local flavours where possible as he believes it’s a great way for visitors and locals to experience the islands.

“It’s a part of showing the island to people who are visiting, particularly if they want to experience something different,” he says. “Trying the local produce is always a good experience.”


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