Mise en Place: Caramelised island mango & pineapple with Sarawak black pepper

Main Story:

Mango, sweet and savoury

•    4 portions sliced mango & pineapple (not too thin otherwise it will break up while cooking)
•    Butter
•    Sugar
•    Milled black Sarawak pepper
•    Pineapple or mango juice
•    1 vanilla pod, scraped and split into thin pieces
Lightly dust the fruit with sugar. In a Teflon coated frying pan, place the fruit on a medium high heat to caramelize after turning once add a few cubes of butter and another sprinkling of sugar, turn the heat down a little as to not burn the butter, add a couple of turns of the pepper mill with the pepper, the scraped and split vanilla pods and a dash of juice, whichever you are using, a syrup should form with the fruit in the pan. Remove the fruit to a warm plate; boil the sauce till a nice thick syrupy consistency is accomplished, adjusting the consistency with juice if needed.
If the sugar has clumped together at the beginning of cooking, don’t worry, just strain the sauce through a fine sieve, reserving the vanilla beans for decoration. You can also wash the beans, dry them and then place them in a container with a tight fitting lid full of sugar for two weeks to make vanilla sugar for baking.

Serve with ice cream.