From trash to treasure

The old adage of one man’s trash is another man’s treasure certainly rings true for the Cayman Islands Humane Society.

The organisation, which has been running since 1971, relies on donations to stock the Claws-It thrift store and the Book Loft, gleaning items from across the community.

While the primary aim of both stores is to fund the Humane Society, they have the added bonus of reducing consumption on the island and abroad.

Thousands of tomes reside in the Book Loft, many of which are regularly sold only to be brought back and resold. Claws-It offers goods from appliances to designer clothes, ranging from brand new to “well-cared for”.

“Everything in our stores is donated,” explains Carolyn Parker, president of the Humane Society. “We are a very recyclable shop; the public are able to come in and find a lot of lovely books at very low prices. In these economic times, what could be better?

“Some of our books are just constantly in circulation.

“We even get visitors and staff from the cruise ships coming in.

“They bring back all their books and then buy more. So there’s benefit offshore as well.”

The organisation also uses donated newspapers to line the animals’ cages.

The Humane Society recently refurbished the Book Loft and Claws-It with the help of donations from the local community. This assistance, Carolyn believes, is invaluable.

“Without the support of the corporate sector and the public, we just couldn’t manage,” Carolyn says. “They’ve donated their used items, which are of no value to them, but which are of great value to us.

“You never know what treasures you can find.”