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Bedside Manor has created a piece of the islands with a funky turtle shell. Made out of fibreglass and available in numerous colours, the turtle shell is the perfect decoration to brighten the home.

“We decided to create the shell as we thought it would be fun to play with such a traditional look by painting the shells in bright colours,” explains Sara Lesieur, owner of Bedside Manor. “The concept came from an original shell, which we made a mold of locally. The beauty of having the shells produced here is that apart from the fact that they are made in Cayman, nothing had to die to make this.”

The turtle shells are available in lime, turquoise and orange, although the colour can be customised to suit any request. You can either buy the shell as is and paint it yourself or Bedside Manor can paint the shell for you.

Bedside Manor
Camana Bay
T: 947 2111