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Life’s little luxuries

As the owner of The Brasserie, Lisa Flowers has been rather busy of late.

She can constantly be found greeting the stream of customers at The Brasserie Market or exploring the restaurants’ budding fruit and vegetable garden.

But despite her hectic schedule, Lisa believes in taking a little time for yourself each day to maintain quality of life.

“It keeps things in balance and prevents you from getting completely consumed by your work, home or family, which is very easy to have happen when you are the one ultimately responsible,” Lisa says.

“You simply need to carve that time out.”

For Lisa, relaxation comes in the form of exercise, the perfect way to keep your mind and body healthy. But it can also mean a romantic dinner with her husband over a bottle of wine.

“[I enjoy] swimming, running and I just got a new dog so long walks with him are a great stress reliever,” she says.

“A fantastic dinner out with my husband with a nice bottle of wine is always a great way to end a day or work week.”

When it comes to family and career, Lisa says it is essential to maintain a sense of balance, for yourself and your employer.

“Ask yourself ‘What do I need?’ when feeling a bit overwhelmed with responsibilities,” Lisa recommends. “It could be a couple of days away occasionally, exercise, an hour to get your hair or nails done or time with family and friends.

“I believe it is also important to have good people around you, whether it be in your work or personal life, who you can depend on when needed.”