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Life’s little luxuries

 Lynne Florio knows a thing or two about luxury. 

As president of Swiss skincare brand, La Prairie, Lynne’s job involves creating deluxe, high-end products that help women feel good about themselves.

So when she has a rare free moment, how does the mother-of-two and business executive choose to relax?

“My daily life can be demanding at times, with a constant balance between personal and professional schedules,” Lynne explains.

“Nothing relaxes me more than seeing live music and enjoying a delicious meal. Those are little luxuries I treasure.” Lynne believes it is important for everyone to add quality to their daily lives. This can be as simple as spending more time with your family and friends or taking time out to do the things you love.

“As a mother, wife and business executive, my entire life is inevitably on the fast track, and it’s a constant balancing act,” says Lynne, who is based in New York City.

“I treasure Sunday afternoons with my family, when the weekend is winding down and the mood is mellow. I have never been one to be complacent, so I look forward to trying new things on a daily or weekly basis. New York City offers a plethora of activities, restaurants, sights and sounds.”

As a woman who spends her day surrounded by luxury, what are Lynne’s tips for adding quality to life?

“Follow your passion,” she recommends. “Appreciate your surroundings. Allocate ‘me’ time for yourself every day, even if only for a few minutes. Explore your neighbourhood, different cuisines, new galleries. Be grateful for those around you – family, friends and colleagues. You are only as good as the company you keep.”

Little luxuries that make the world of difference.