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Solar Powered

Arch Solar has long been known for their innovative and environmentally-friendly designs. Now, the local business can add award-winning, too.Arch Solar has created the Arch Solar Trellis, a custom designed solar power system, which was first used in the home of Dr Steve Tomlinson and his wife, Eva. The couple wanted a solar power system that would not only help with their needs but was also stylish. The Arch Solar Trellis ticked all the boxes.

“We take great care to custom design solar systems that are both state-of-the-art and aesthetically pleasing for our clients,” Dana Arch, vice president of Arch Solar, explains.

“Our vision was to create a unique, architectural photovoltaic system for Dr. Tomlinson and Ms. Eva that would enhance their beautiful home.

“Dr Tomlinson preferred not to have the solar panels mounted on his roof, so Arch Solar staff created a semi-circle trellis design to mirror the curvature of the pool and fit naturally within the patio and landscaping plans.”

The 11.9kW system uses 64 Sanyo HIT Double bifacial solar panels, which capture additional ambient or scattered light to produce more power. The Arch Solar Trellis is now featured on the front cover of Sanyo’s new global brochure.

“Sanyo is pleased to see our products installed in such an aesthetically pleasing manner, and that our panels were chosen for this project by Arch Solar,” says Charles Hanasaki, president of the Solar Division of Sanyo Energy (USA) Corporation.

The Arch Solar Trellis has also been honoured by Florian Solar Products, one of the industry’s leading suppliers of custom solar framing systems, as an award winner in the category of solar design.

Going green has never looked so good.

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