Discover Camana Bay

Camana Bay has set the standard for town planning in the Cayman Islands. So, it is only natural that The Discovery Centre, the town’s newest addition, would adhere to the same principles of design and functionality.

The sleek interiors of the new centre echo signature elements of Camana Bay; an understated water feature reflects the myriad outdoor fountains; a row of planters, brimming with native flora, complement the striking landscaping. The result is a tranquil, welcoming space that features everything one could want or need to know about Camana Bay.

“The Discovery Centre is a bite-sized show point for the architecture and design of Camana Bay,” explains Sian Cullen, marketing manager of Camana Bay.

Originally planned as a welcome centre, The Discovery Centre has, during the last three years of planning, evolved into an information and hospitality point for Camana Bay. The centre is divided into three areas; an informal lounge, stocked with books about the town’s designers and architects; the conference room, where potential homeowners can discuss building plans with their architect; and the kitchen/entertaining area, where small gatherings can be held.

Sian says The Discovery Centre, which opened in October, is a utilitarian space, able to perform many different functions, yet still retains a strong element of design.

“The use of glass [in the sliding doors] makes the space really open and inviting. You can shut the doors of the conference room and it’s a private area, or you can open it up and it becomes very spacious and welcoming. It’s dual function,” she says. “The aesthetics complement the rest of Camana Bay, it feels really effortless. The transition between The Discovery Centre and Camana Bay is seamless.”

The Discovery Centre is home to state-of-the-art technology, with touch screens that allow visitors to experience a virtual tour of Camana Bay or find out more about the town’s shopping, dining, entertainment and real estate options. Visitors can also learn about the history of the town, the idea behind the landscaping, the design, the architecture and the infrastructure.

“It speaks to a higher level of interest in Camana Bay,” Sian explains. “This technology is available in so many other places so we wanted to bring it to Cayman. And because it’s all online, we can update the information as things change.”

Sian says the purpose of The Discovery Centre is to inform the public about the many facets of Camana Bay, from upcoming events to buying a home.

“If people are strolling around and they want to know more about Camana Bay, or if they want to know why the fountains aren’t on, or what’s happening at Books & Books, they can come in here and ask.

“We also have our sales team on hand for those who are interested in Camana Bay’s residential projects [scheduled to launch early 2011].”

As Camana Bay continues to change and grow, so, too, will The Discovery Centre, evolving with the needs of the community.

“Our aim is for The Discovery Centre to keep getting better and better,” Sian says.  

“It really is your way into Camana Bay.”