Closet Space


Whether you own a home or rent an
apartment, one of the biggest challenges both women and men face is a lack of
closet space.  

In this day and age, you should be
able to find a shirt or pair of shoes without having to embark on an
archaeological dig inside your closet. 

Even if you have a small space or
don’t have much money to spend, it is easy to find relief from the clutter and

When it comes to maximising space,
there are a number of options to choose from, says Patricia Rice, creative
director at A.L. Thompson’s. 

“The Bath and Kitchen Gallery at
A.L. Thompson’s displays a full walk-in closet to help you visualise your new
closet,” Patricia explains. 

Those looking to restore order and
functionality in their homes will find a full range of Closet Maid brand
organisers, ranging from wire shelving to the popular upscale Suite Symphony
laminate line. For a more high-end style, try John Louis Homes all wood

type of system is available in varying sizes, finishes and prices. With so much
to choose from, how do you know where to start?  

To prevent you from being
overwhelmed, Tonya Mitchell from Cayman Organising Solutions and Mike Davison
of Storage Solutions both believe the best way to shop for organisers is to be,
well, organised.  

The first step is to set a budget.
Decide what you want spend and stick with it. There are a number of affordable
options that can be purchased for $500 to $1000. Keep in mind, while the kits
at A.L. Thompson’s are Do-It-Yourself, if you aren’t handy and need someone to
put the kit together, you will need to factor that into the cost.  

Patricia says wire shelving is the
least expensive option, and the most common. 
A.L. Thompson’s offers a full line of wire shelving including “closet-in-a-box” kits for
standard reach-in closets, between $60 and $80. 

The Suite Symphony laminate
cabinets are finished in cherry with oil rubbed bronze hardware. The towers are
available in a range of widths ranging from 16-inch to 32-inch.  

“The towers’ versatility is
reflected in shelving, drawer, and cabinet door options as well as cubical
inserts for purses, hats, and shoes, pull-out shelves, jewellery trays and
sloping shoe shelves,” Patricia says. 

A fully outfitted unit for a
reach-in closet ranges from $400 to $600. Depending on the size, you can expect
to pay $1200 to $1600 for a walk-in closet. 

The John Louis Homes all wood
organisers are “truly a high-end closet system,” Patricia says. The classy
mahogany finish towers and shelves add style to any closet, but are costly and
not as versatile as the Suite Symphony line. Available only in 25 inch, the
closet-in-a-box kit starts at $675 for standard reach-in closets up to 10 feet.
Fully loaded systems for walk-ins run from $1500 to $2000.  

Hiring a professional to install
both the Symphony or Homes units will add $100 to $600 to your budget,
depending on the size and type of closet. 

The second step is to take a look
at your closet to determine your needs. This includes knowing the exact
measurements of your closet. This daunting task is easier when you have someone
to help. 

Mike and Tonya are highly-trained
organisation professionals who can help you make the most from your space by
designing a unique closet to suit your needs.
“Clients want personalised solutions that are user-friendly, convenient, and
classy with a bit of glamour thrown in,” says Tonya, of Cayman Organising

Mike and Tonya both offer a wide
range of customised services designed to declutter your life, from making the
most of every nook and cranny to making sure you have quality, lasting products
while staying on budget. 

If you choose to undertake the
project yourself, the staff at The Bath and Kitchen Gallery in A.L. Thompson’s
will take your measurements and show you a free 3D-computerised version of how
to expand and improve your closets. 

If you are struggling to find the
motivation to tackle your nightmare closet, it is worth remembering exactly why
an organised closet is so important to your wellbeing.  

of Storage Solutions, believes a functional closet not only provides peace of
mind, but also adds value to your property.  

many cases, people can’t sell what they have without the possibility of taking
a loss in order to buy that dream house with more space,” Mike explains.
“Upgrading your closet storage will definitely help when selling a house, both
in sale price and length of time on the market. But even if you’re not thinking
of selling any time soon, upgrading your closets will make your house so much
more enjoyable to live in.” 

believes the dream house you have always wanted could be just one
well-organised closet away. It is another reason why a transformed closet can
make all the difference. At the very least, you’ll be able to find that missing

With summer just around
the corner and a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips, there has never been a
better time to get organised.   

If you are struggling to find the motivation to tackle your
nightmare closet, it is worth remembering exactly why an organised closet is so
important to your wellbeing.

Closet Space

Sherry Vanwey