Meals on wheels

Meals on Wheels, the charitable organisation that provides meals to individuals in need, was founded in 1997.  At the time, the organisation delivered 14 individuals hot, nutritious meals three days a week.

Unfortunately, Meals on Wheels has found its services in growing demand since then.

The organisation now delivers 100 meals five days a week to residents of George Town and Bodden Town, and 50 meals three days a week to residents of East End.

Meals on Wheels has also identified at least 100 more individuals in North Side and West Bay who are in need of assistance.

The organisation does not currently have the funds to meet the additional needs, however, and requires monetary support to expand enough to meet the growing needs of the community.

Each meal is estimated to cost approximately $4 and the organisation estimates that $300,000 a year needs to be collected in order to provide food to all those in need.

Despite an outpouring of support from many sectors of the community, Meals on Wheels has not been able to come close to this figure.

The rising costs of food and fuel, as well as a decrease in government spending on public school lunches, have been putting increasing financial stress on the non-profit.

Meals on Wheels is supported by private citizen and corporate donations, as well as their own fundraising efforts.

The organisation recently launched a new donation campaign in which members of the public can make monthly donations to the charity.

Meals on Wheels hopes to expand their service to include all deserving individuals within Grand Cayman and then, eventually, to extend their service to the Sister Islands.

The organisation is manned completely by volunteers who donate their time and vehicles to deliver meals to families in need throughout the week.

To volunteer or make a donation, the public is encouraged to contact the Meals on Wheels office at
or by email at
[email protected]  


Esso Standard Oil raised more than CI$30,000, through the support of their customers, to assist the Rotary Meals on Wheels programme.
Jewel Levy