The Home Collection

 Throughout the past five years, Camana Bay has blossomed into a warm and welcoming community. 

 Now, with the first phase of the residential neighbourhoods soon to be released, Camana Bay will not only be the ultimate place to work and play, but to build a home.

 Known as The Home Collection, the residential development will build upon the notion of community that is at the heart of Camana Bay.

 John Hillman, director of residential sales for Dart Realty, says The Home Collection will cater to every lifestyle with a range of residential options. The aim is to create a sense of unity, a neighbourhood in which young and old live in harmony.

 “The Home Collection is used in an emotive sense rather than referring to the physical dwellings,” explains John of the development, which will be situated between Cayman International School and Camana Bay’s Town Centre. “It’s about creating that sense of community. We want to appeal to all generations. We want Camana Bay to be a melting pot, like Cayman.”
Encompassing approximately 211 dwellings, The Home Collection will feature condominiums, townhouses, and homes ranging from one bedroom to six bedrooms, with views of either the waterfront or Cayman International School.

 Landscaping is central to the Camana Bay ethos of New Urbanism, a design concept that promotes open spaces, and walkable neighbourhoods. The neighbourhood has been designed in collaboration with Olin Partnership, an American-based landscape and architecture firm who created many of the landscaping elements at Camana Bay.

 “Everything you need is within a five minute walk,” explains John of the first phase, which will take five years to complete. “The Home Collection is an extension of Camana Bay. You can walk everywhere and we will continue that tradition with a lot of sidewalks and shade trees. We take our streets very seriously.”

 Dart Realty has worked closely with Camana Bay’s Nursery to create a blossoming backdrop for the growing community, with ample shade, quaint walking paths, and sprawling streets.

 Approximately four acres of the 17-acre phase will be allocated to open space, including community parks and pools. This emphasis on the outdoors is a hallmark of The Home Collection and further emphasizes Dart’s commitment to lifestyle and community.

 “Community is everything at Camana Bay, and The Home Collection strikes a real balance between private and public community,” John says, referring to the wealth of shared areas within the development. “We have a big park on the waterfront, and lots of smaller parks down little laneways, which you might not know are even there. There is a real importance of green space.

 “There will be a lot of native and tropical plants,” John continues. “There will also be a lot of colour in the plants and flowers. It will be very lush.”

 When it comes to the aesthetics, homeowners can choose from 23 different floor plans as well as three design options. The Home Collection will complement The Terraces, Dart’s collection of luxury rental apartments, with a contemporary interpretation of traditional Caymanian architecture.

 “There is a real focus on outdoor living in The Home Collection, which I don’t think people design for anymore,” says John, referring to the inclusion of spacious porches and charming outdoor swings.

 Dart worked with IDG to create three unique interior concepts – traditional, contemporary and transitional. These styles can then be customised through paint colours, furnishings, and artwork.

 John believes this predesigned approach maintains consistency in the overall style of the development, yet encourages a sense of diversity. It also takes the stress out of the process of building a home, as all homeowners have to do is choose their floor plan and design, and then wait for their new house to be built.

 “We are building fortified homes following the Cayman Building Code, which models after the Miami Dade County durability standard,” John says. “We are building out of concrete and using rated doors and windows for hurricane protection. There will also be an elevation of nine to 10 feet. We are starting where [the final water level of] Hurricane Ivan finished.”

 So far, the public response to The Home Collection has been overwhelming. John believes potential buyers have watched the evolution of Camana Bay, and recognised that it represents a bright future for the islands.

 Essentially, The Home Collection will be reminiscent of the neighbourhoods of yesteryear, where neighbours invite each other over for barbecues, and children can spend hours playing in the local park; a place where time with family is cherished and enjoyed.

 “We are interested in quality of life,” John explains. “Community is at the heart of Camana Bay. The homeowners are going to know their neighbours, they are going to share spaces with them.

 “If you live here and work here, imagine how much extra time you can spend with your family. You are getting time back.”

 That is a community to which we all want to belong.

The Park at Rosemary Beach

The Park at Rosemary Beach reflects similar design and planning concepts.
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