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    Doggie day care 

     Must Love Dogs is a luxurious doggie day care, lodging facility, and boutique. Located in the heart of George Town, the boutique makes drop off and pick up on your way to work easy and is open from 7:30am to 7pm.
    The playroom gives pets the opportunity to socialise in a safe, fun and comfortable environment. Exercise is a valuable aspect at Must Love Dogs and is constantly encouraged and monitored in the outdoor play area. The lodging is also air-conditioned and all guests have dinner, cuddles, good night walks and a turn down biscuit before retiring. The boutique carries unique dog and cat products including island made goods.

    Must Love Dogs
    55 Arthurs Way, George Town
    T: 946-7222


      Banking in South Sound 

      Scotiabank’s newest branch has opened in South Sound. The interior is modern, roomy and comfortable, boasting a full line of banking services including personal lending, teller services, a night depository, an indoor ATM and a drive-thru ATM to enable banking from the driver’s seat 24 hours a day. With three existing branches (The Strand, George Town and next to Foster’s Airport), this fourth location is ideally situated across from the popular Grand Harbour development. The unmistakable red pillar cannot be missed, and the branch is conveniently open from 11am-6pm Monday to Friday, to allow for banking during the lunch hour or on the way home.

    Scotiabank & Trust (Cayman) Ltd.
    South Sound Branch
    T: 946-7666


      Energy gives you a better body 

     If you want a fitness regime that provides education, motivation, inspiration and cutting edge programming then you will find it at Energy, the Pilates fitness studio located in Cricket Square. The fully equipped Pilates apparatus room is the only one of its kind in the Cayman Islands with a full line of Stott Pilates equipment of Reformers, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels. The spacious studio has class space and private training area with a variety of strength training equipment. Services include private, partner and small group training; a wide variety of group Pilates matwork classes and TRX Suspension Training. All classes are led by a team of highly qualified instructors.

    Cricket Square, George Town
    T: 946-6006


      Light up your world 

     From the best-selling Yankee Candle to aromatic candles for your spa, special event, salon, restaurant or hotel, and of course for your home, Candles Unlimited can light up your world.
    Under new management in Plaza Venezia, Candles Unlimited staff listens to clients and helps them find exactly what they are looking for, and if they can’t find it – they’ll order it! New items are arriving all the time; so come in and browse the fragrant collection of organic/botanical/soy candles.
    Monthly specials include 25 per cent discounts for birthday month (ID required) and fragrance of the month, and a 50 per cent discount on different selections every month (buy one, get one free).

    Candles Unlimited
    12 Plaza Venezia
    T: 943-2262


    Sunshine and rain

    Water and electricity are expensive commodities in Cayman, but with Englert’s Rainwater Harvesting Systems and SunNet Solar Laminate PVL Series from Watler Metal Products, you can cut your utility bills. Rainwater Harvesting Systems enable users to conserve water by collecting and storing rainwater from rooftops. The water can be used for landscape irrigation, car washing, yard maintenance, flushing toilets and fire protection. With no shortage of sunshine in Cayman, many people are turning to solar power. Photovoltaic technology has traditionally been limited to rigid and heavy panels, but Solar Laminate PVL cells are fully adhered, lightweight and flexible. Their thin film system can be installed on new roofs or integrated as part of re-roof projects.

     Watler Metal Products
    Sparky Drive, George Town
    T: 949-1699


      A step ahead

     Everyone loves the look of hardwood floors , but none of the hassle that goes with them.
    That’s why vinyl plank flooring is a great option, available in many different patterns and styles, including faux stone and faux ceramic tile The faux wood grain of vinyl plank flooring is one of the most popular choices. One of the main benefits of vinyl plank flooring is its durability. Unlike hardwood floors that can be very susceptible to scratches and stains, vinyl plank flooring can stand up to loads of abuse.
    Vinyl plank flooring is a perfect choice for a child’s room, a family room, a rec room or a play room, as it will not be damaged by accidental spills, children playing with toys or pet stains and will withstand flooding, the perfect option instead of using tile.

     Stafford Flooring
    Governors Square
    T: 943-2722


      Glass with class

     Artistic Glass & Interiors is the leader in innovative designs and treatments to enhance home and office environments. Sleek, clean, modern and inviting, glass is a product of choice for leading designers and architects.
    The environmentally-friendly medium offers endless design possibilities. It can be painted, etched, carved and curved.
    The company caters to many commercial clients. There is a growing demand for glass in crafting partitions, signage and office furnishings. Glass reception areas make a bold design statement and project an open attitude and image.
    Artistic Glass & Interiors is the perfect solution for maximizing our appreciation of the inspiring views of our lush surroundings.

     Artistic Glass & Interiors
    316 Dorcy Drive, Alexander Place, George Town
    T: 938-2699


      Lift a glass to the environment

      The Cayman Islands Brewery has added a fourth beer to its line-up with the launch of White Tip Lager. Specifically brewed as an easy-drinking summer lager, the beer adds a couple of unique features, not least of which is its environmental credentials. A percentage of the sale of the beer goes to the Department of Environment to help fund their shark research programmes. The can itself also features information on sharks as well as a code you can scan with a smartphone that directs users to a website containing more information on sharks. Adding to the rest of the green initiatives at the brewery, including bottle and can recycling, this could be the greenest beer this side of St Patrick’s Day.
    The Cayman Islands Brewery
    366 Shamrock Road, Prospect
    T: 947-6699


     Dart Realty getting busy

      Cayman’s economy might be sluggish, but there’s still a lot happening with the Dart Group.
    Camana Bay’s Solaris Avenue Building, which will become the new home of the Mourant Ozannes and Aon Insurance Managers (Cayman) Ltd., is on schedule for completion in June 2012. Tenant demand has been so great at Camana Bay that plans to build a sister building – Solaris Avenue North – were announced in July.
    In addition, the Dart group will–pending finalisation of the ‘mega deal’ with government that includes the closing, capping and remediation of the George Town Landfill – commence extensive renovations and additions to former Courtyard Marriott Hotel it bought in January 2011 and commence the first phase of Camana Bay’s for-sale residential offerings.
    Dart Realty
    T: 640-3600