A home elevator can add value to your home

An elevator may not be the at the top of a first time home buyer’s wish list. However, it’s a home addition worthy of consideration, not just for older homeowners, but for those who may have elderly relatives.

If you are building your home, then the future use of the home must be considered and adding an elevator to the plans at this stage will keep costs down while preparing you and your home for the future.

As people age they inevitably lose mobility and getting up and down stairs may become impossible for some. Installing a home elevator can therefore make moving around the house a great deal easier, and allows those with limited mobility the possibility to remain living in their home for the rest of their days.

Younger families with elderly parents who visit or even live with them can equally benefit from the advantages afforded by an elevator.

Home elevators are significantly smaller than commercial ones and only require a closet-size space. Additionally the doors can be covered by wood veneers for a more aesthetic look.

From an investor’s point of view, installing an elevator makes financial sense: an elevator makes the home accessible to a wider market share of potential buyers providing a competitive edge that will sell the home faster.
Stair lifts and wheel chair lifts can equally help people reclaim their freedom and ensure they can continue to live independently as they age.

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