Choosing the right mattress

A decent night’s sleep is essential for all round health and wellbeing, and one’s mattress has a great deal of bearing on the quality of one’s sleep.

It’s not a simple matter of one mattress type being the best – mattress choice is a very personal matter and what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another.

The first thing to decide is whether you want a foam or innerspring mattress. If you opt for foam, you then have the choice of memory foam, latex foam or man-made foam.

Memory foam mattresses are usually one-sided, meaning that there is a layer of memory foam on one side only, so these cannot be flipped over to extend the lifespan. Memory foam mattresses are available in various degrees of firmness and can also include a feature to keep the users cool, despite the foam contouring around them.

With innerspring mattresses the number of coils will have a bearing on how comfortable the mattress is. A higher coil count will result in a firmer mattress, but also a higher price tag. Ideally, aim for no less than 312 coils with a 6 gauge wire weight.

For couples who have differing preferences, the mattresses with an inflatable dual control feature, such as the Comfortaire, allow individuals to adjust the firmness on each side independent of one another. Stop by the Marksons showroom to test out a Comfortaire mattress or one of the many other types of mattresses on show. 

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