Extend the life of your appliances and reduce energy costs

Polar Bear’s air conditioning experts suggest ways in which you can extend the life of your appliances and reduce associated energy costs.

Replace air return filters on your A/C equipment every three months. Return air filters which are very dirty can result in your A/C equipment having to work harder and consume more electricity to get the job done.

Clean the outdoor condenser coil with your garden hose to remove built up salt and dirt. This will improve the heat transfer, extend life of equipment and reduce electrical consumption.  Ask your A/C technician to inspect your air handler and ducting to ensure all components are clean and cool air is not leaking into your attic space.

Installing a programmable thermostat on your A/C system to maintain a higher temperature during unoccupied periods can save on your monthly utility bill.

Consider upgrading older A/C equipment to newer, higher efficiency A/C systems which use environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant. A/C equipment with a minimum 16 SEER rating will reduce electrical consumption and usually pay for itself within three to five years.

Have your clothes dryer duct systems cleaned and remove lint. This will reduce drying time and save on electrical costs.

Installing alternative energy systems on your home or business will not only save on monthly utility bills but will also reduce your carbon footprint. Lennox now offers Sun Source Energy Systems for your home or business which has solar modules that tie directly into Dave Lennox Signature Series A/C Systems.

Installing a Heat Reclaim Module on your air conditioning’s system condensing unit can supply your home with free hot water and reduce electrical consumption of existing A/C equipment.

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