Five things to consider when hanging paintings

Lighting is probably the most important consideration when hanging a painting. Halogen or LED track lights work well. If need be, use multiple spots to ensure no shadows are cast on the painting.

Consider the colour of the wall and how that background colour will affect the piece. Neutral colours usually work well. A good rule of thumb is, if you don’t notice the background (your eye isn’t immediately drawn to it), then it isn’t conflicting or interfering with the painting.

The middle of the painting should be around eye level, but not if you are working with a low ceiling. Often there are horizontal lines visible nearby that you can align the top of the painting with; such as the top of a doorway or window.

Room size
Be aware of how the art piece fits in with the overall space of the room. A large painting in a small guest bedroom may draw attention to the size of the room.

The center of the wall is always a good place to hang a painting. If more than one painting is planned for the same wall, make sure the pieces are equally spaced from one another and from the corners.

Be aware of any neighbouring pieces and make sure they complement one another. If they are too crowded, your eye will only pick up the visual clutter rather than focusing on the painting. If you’re hanging several small pieces, consider grouping them. If you can, use an odd number of pieces when creating a group.

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