Furnishing Small Spaces

Smaller homes and apartments present some unique challenges when it comes to design and furnishing. However, a small but well designed and furnished space can be as dramatic, comfortable and functional as any large room.

Careful planning is key for small spaces. Think about how you intend to use the space and plan accordingly. Creating a floor plan will help to ensure that the layout is functional and that one can move easily around the space.

Furniture items with dual functions are great space saving devices for smaller interiors: sofas that double as additional beds, coffee tables that convert to ottomans or tables that can be extended will all help to optimise the space available.

Clutter will make a space feel smaller. Storage is the best way to avoid an accumulation of clutter so choose furniture with built-in storage, such as beds with drawers, coffee tables with shelving, as well as dedicated storage items.

Ensure there is plenty of light in small rooms – dim and dark spaces will inevitably feel more confined. Choose light window treatments, rather than dark, heavy drapes and accessorise with reflective pieces like large wall mirrors and glass top tables.

A single colour or a monochromatic colour scheme goes a long way to making a room look bigger. Use various shade of the same colour and different textures in the same colour. Coordinating your furniture with your wall colour will further add to the impression of space.

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