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Today a handful of companies offer an alternative to traditional specialty construction by eliminating the problems that are encountered by having multiple individual construction companies for specific crafts.

In a company such as MEPCO, the individual disciplines are managed by a single group management structure to achieve optimum results and to minimise the conflicts and problems that are associated with the typical multi company dynamic. This single point of contact approach offers the owner, general contractor, architects and engineers the opportunity to avoid problems that typically demand significant commitments of their time and effort.

The time saved can be spent on other issues which enable the entire construction management team to become more efficient. Subsequently, the progress of the project is enhanced and construction schedule delays are averted.

In the case of mechanical, electrical and plumbing, the systems usually share the same physical space, and the disciplines themselves are complementary; for example, electricity is needed to power the mechanical system (i.e. heating, ventilation and air conditioning).

On a typical large commercial project, the owner/developer hires a general contractor, who is in charge of coordinating all of the individual companies who specialise in the different aspects of the building, such as roofing, concrete, mechanical, electrical and plumbing. Together, the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems can easily account for 25 per cent or more of the total cost of a project, and often necessitate a separate MEP manager, working under the general contractor, to coordinate the mechanical, electrical and plumbing subcontractors.

A single point MEP company eliminates the need for hiring a separate MEP manager, and can also provide MEP manager services for projects that elect to go the specialty construction route.

Having all disciplines working within the same company team environment provides more continuity and communications between each trade, often presenting more opportunities for value engineering and swift conflict resolution.

As early as the bid process, the MEP team begins to evaluate the equipment and design looking for conflicts and value potential. Because the estimators for each discipline are located within the same office it is easy to share information and knowledge between the trades. Information is shared and conveyed earlier rather than later, and problems are identified before the construction begins, minimising any potential impact to the project.

Upon award of a contract, the team can immediately begin to prepare coordination drawings to facilitate the precise location of all equipment, ductwork and piping to assure adequate space for installation and to also verify compliance with all governing codes. If problems are found they are resolved before they have the chance to impact the project. Those drawings are also used for the installation and by virtue provide extremely accurate as-built documentation for the client.

In addition to contract construction services, the singe point company can offer complete MEP maintenance services. Those services include regularly scheduled inspections and any necessary repairs of all mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems to assure efficient operation and extended equipment life cycles.

Mechanical systems includes chilled water systems, DX equipment, ductwork fabrication and installation, ventilation systems, equipment setting and alignment, maintenance and service contracts, duct and piping insulation, and HVAC systems.

Electrical systems include infrastructure and underground utilities, lighting and dimming systems, grounding, lightning protection, emergency generators and systems, fire alarms, information systems, telecommunications, security systems, CATV cabling, HVAC and industrial controls, public address and sound systems, motor control, building management systems, and fibre optic cabling.

Plumbing systems include sewage treatment plants, lift stations, site water and sewage utilities, and potable water booster systems.

Benefits of an MEP Company:
Single point of contact
Services coordination becomes responsibility of MEP Company
Streamlines Owner/GC’s Project Team
Promotes partnership and team work

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