Oasis shade

A garden without trees somehow feels incomplete. Trees create a sanctuary, not just for wildlife but also for us. The shade from a tree creates a cool oasis away from the heat of the day. We met up with Cayman Growers to compile a list of their top ten favourite trees to consider when designing your garden, commercial or public space.  

All of these trees are well suited to our climate and as such require minimal maintenance. Consult with your landscaper or garden centre when planting to ensure you end up with a well established and healthy garden.

Royal Palm:
These behemoths grow up to 60 foot tall, are fast growing and an established favourite throughout the Caribbean. The grace and beauty of these trees make them ideal to line driveways or roadsides on large properties and commercial buildings.

Fast growing with an elegant straight trunk and broad crown, this tree creates a beautiful canopy of shade in the garden. Traditionally prized for woodworking, construction and boat building, this tree is relatively salt tolerant and hardy.

Green and Silver Buttonwood:
This salt tolerant tree is great for hedging. Buttonwood is tough, long lasting and extremely salt tolerant. It can also withstand the stress of urban settings. As well as being ideal for hedging it also makes a sturdy street or parking lot tree.

Pink Tabebuia:
This small to medium sized tree has beautiful purple flowers, which attract an array of birds. Plant in the garden as a stunning shade tree.

Also known as the Hawaiian Lei flower or locally as the Cemetery Tree, the Frangipani’s flowers are vibrant and highly scented. These trees are grown mostly for the beauty of their flowers. Plant where ever you want a vibrant splash of colour.

Pitch Apple:
A hardy and salt tolerant tree, the Pitch Apple has large leathery leaves with white or pink flowers. Moderately fast growing, use as an attractive shade tree.

Orange Geiger:
This medium size trees blooms throughout the year, attracting a host of wildlife. A salt tolerant tree, plant along the beach, or in the garden.

Silver Thatch Palm:
Cayman’s national tree, the Silver Thatch Palm is slow growing. Its slender trunk often grows more than 30 feet tall, and its crown produces a profusion of small white flowers that develop into berries that ripen from green to red to black. These trees look great when planted in groups in the garden.

Sea Grape:
Used as a landscape tree along beaches and waterways, this tree is fast growing and offers a large canopy of shade. Robust and salt tolerant, Sea Grape can also be used as spreading shrub or hedge. Its grapes can be eaten raw or turned into jams and jellies.

Red Birch:
Red Birch trees are prized for their outstanding bark characteristics and their graceful delicate foliage. Indeed this tree is often referred to locally as the Tourist Tree – thanks to its red and peeling bark. Slow growing and hardy, Red Birch look great when planted in groups.