Tackle unsightly grout

When tile floors begin to look old, stained and dirty, it could be tempting to rip them out and retile. There is a far simpler solution, however, at fraction of the price: have the grouting professionally cleaned and sealed. It will rejuvenate and refresh the look of your floors, without any of the mess and hassle involved in putting in a new floor.

Because grout is a porous material, it absorbs dirt and grime, giving floors an uneven and old appearance. It is also a fragile material, which can be loosened and compromised by the traditional pressure washing method of cleaning grout. Pressure washing also has the potential to force water below the grout, loosening it or even causing it to blow out completely.

Grout Cayman, however, uses a revolutionary product and cutting edge method to clean and treat grout prior to colouring and sealing it. In a three part process, tile floors are first thoroughly cleaned and then dry vacuumed to remove dirt. Next the surface is prepped, by fixing any loose tiles or grouting, before the grout lines are sealed.

The sealing product makes the grouting waterproof, stain resistant and sanitary. A colour can also be added to the sealant, to complement the tile. Finally the entire floor, tiles and grout, is buffed and polished with a variety of pads and cloths giving it a “like new” look.

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