What constitutes an heirloom rug by Rugs Oriental

By definition an heirloom rug would be one which has been in a family for generations, passed down from parents to children, so in this respect would be ‘aged’.

However, any heirloom piece started life as a new item, so the purchase of a future heirloom rug should take into consideration the following factors which will affect its investment value.

If well cared for, Oriental rugs can reach a great age. They are generally described in terms of their age: ‘antiques’ are over 100 years old, ‘old’ is between 60 and 100, ‘semi-old’ 20 to 60 and ‘new’ less than 20 years old.

Certain countries – Persia (Iran), Turkey, Afghanistan – have been famed for their rugs for centuries. Where a rug originates can therefore influence its value.

Hand-knotted carpets which take time and skill to create are becoming increasingly rare. It is possible that within a generation the great tradition of ‘nomadic’ carpet weaving may become a thing of the past, as many weavers turn to other ways of making a living.

With this in mind, many people are buying fine quality rugs as investment pieces: Turkish silk rugs from Hereke, Persian rugs knotted by famous master weavers and rare tribal pieces, for example.

However, an heirloom rug need not be a financial investment, it’s beauty and sentimental value may make it an heirloom. A beautiful, well-kept rug can provide enjoyment for many generations.

Among the wide selection of hand-knotted rugs at Rugs Oriental you will find old Persian and Turkish pieces which are fine examples of ‘heirloom’ quality rugs.

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