A few of our favourite things


The team at InsideOut has selected A Few of Our Favourite Things -which are simply irresistible.


 potjug   Le Creuset collection
$149.95 pot
$54.95 hot stand
$32.95 jug
Jacques Scott
 whisk  KitchenAid hand mixer:
Pink and grey geometric

design cushions
Large: $87
Small: $63
Beacon Furniture

 perpot   Aqua blue
ceramic jar:
Classic Designs
 candles   Candle holder:
The Nook
 kettle  Chantal classic
tea kettle:
Brand Source
Home Gallery


 Bamboo and cotton
Turkish towels:
$32 each
Rugs Oriental
 Fleur De Lis temple jars:
$55.65 each
Marksons Furniture
 Zimbabwean hand painted jug: $180
Absolutely Fabulous
 Ceramic piggy bank: $14
Vigoro Nursery
 Boat-shaped green
and black vases: $16
Welcome Home
 Handmade glass vase: $180
Robert Wood Interiors & Lighting
Thomas Paul linen cushions
Large: $152
Small: $201
Design Studio





Rachael Ray ”casserround” stoneware: $38.50 A.L.Thompson’s