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 Clean out your chemical cupboard 

Ecover Line of household cleaners made from natural, sustainable plant-based ingredients. Available at local supermarkets. 

Seventh Generation Line of household and personal care products that use recycled plastics in their packaging and more plant based ingredients. Available in local supermarkets.

Greenworks Natural cleaning products that use plant and mineral derived ingredients, not tested on animals and use sustainable packaging where possible.  Available in local supermarkets. www.greenworkscleaners.com

Sun & Earth Non toxic cleaners that are free of petroleum-based ingredients, chlorine, phosphates, dyes, and perfumes. Available in local supermarkets. 

Excelsior laundry detergent Developed specifically for high efficiency washers. It is phosphate free, biodegradable and solvent free. Available at Brand Source.

Sunburst Chemicals Solid Laundry Insert A detergent in industrial laundry settings. Sold as a solid, it eliminates the need for containers and is 100 per cent biodegradable and green. Design for Environment certified. Available at Island Supply.

Intercon’s Blue Planet Wholesale cleaning supplies which carry the Earth Assure seal, meaning they meet or exceed Green Seal standards. Non-toxic, biodegradable and effective. Available at Reliable Industries.

Core’s Green Logic The product line includes a number of Green Seal and Design for Environment-certified products with low VOCs and other harsh chemicals and is biodegradable. Available in retail and industrial sizes at Reliable Industries.

Earth Sense Green Seal-certified range of industrial cleaning products that are free of harsh chemicals, non-toxic to humans and sustainable. The dispenser system ensures only the required amount is used and makes it theft-proof. Available at Island Supply.


Pest control

Pests such as cockroaches, ticks, ants and termites are a fact of life, particularly in warm climates.

Even if they do not bite or sting, pests can irritate allergies, particularly in children.

Traditionally, in order to get rid of the pests, it was necessary to spray the home with toxic chemicals that would be strong enough to kill the most resilient of pests. As well as harming the pests however, these chemicals brought about reactions in sensitive individuals and were not kind to the environment.

Some local businesses such as Truly Nolen, a pest-control franchise owned by Sharon Smith of Reliable Industries, operate in an environmentally-conscious manner using long-lasting products that are low in toxicity.

“Our customers do not want bugs nor the irresponsible use of pesticides to negatively impact their business environments,” says a spokesman for the company. “Each of our programmes utilises preventative and corrective measure to ensure long-term pest management.”