Cayman Wildlife Rescue

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  The plight of the parrots 

The National Trust for the Cayman Islands is seeking sponsorship and funding to revive Cayman Wildlife Rescue.

Volunteers are available to help, but the programme needs management and money for veterinary care, housing, foods and supplies.

Launched about 10 years ago, Cayman Wildlife Rescue is a programme of the National Trust which focused on rescuing and rehabilitating injured wildlife, in particular birds and reptiles.
The programme was run entirely by dedicated volunteers who cared for, and assisted with, the injured animals.

In 2011, Cayman Wildlife Rescue partnered with Cayman Turtle Farm and St. Matthew’s University to hire a full-time veterinary technician.

However, the technician’s contract ended after a year and unfortunately so did funding. 

Cayman Wildlife Rescue has been suspended since then due to ongoing cuts from government and other donors. 

“We are seeking new patrons, whether they are businesses or individuals, to assist us with reviving this worthy programme,” says National Trust spokesperson Basia McGuire.

“We still get many calls each week about injured wildlife and it is our hope that we may once again be able to provide this much needed service to the community.”

Anyone interested in being a sponsor of Cayman Wildlife Rescue, or giving a donation, can contact the National Trust on 749 1121 or email [email protected]