Enchant with a fairy garden

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  The hanging garden of Camana Bay 

Make your outdoor space spellbinding with a garden of miniature proportions. 

Fairy gardens, also known as miniature gardens, may be small but they are growing in popularity.

Despite their tiny proportions, they still need to be tended with the same love and dedication that any garden deserves.

Fairy gardens have tiny plants which flourish in small spaces, combined with miniature garden accessories that replicate a living model of a full-sized garden.

They are often designed with an enchanted theme in mind and can be grown in any type of container or small flower bed.

Containers, such as flower pots, terracotta saucers and bowls are ideal as they have the added benefit of being portable should you ever wish to move your fairy garden.

Tom Balon of Vigoro Nursery says that any type of plant can easily be incorporated into a fairy garden.

“Plants don’t necessarily have to be bonsai material,” he says. “Anything with a small leaf that will stay in proportion with the garden will work well. Boxwoods, drawf azuras, small ferns and succulents work particularly well.”

Fairy gardens can be filled with miniature garden furniture and accessories, tiny rolling hills, pathways or even water features, to create a unique fairy garden that everyone will love.

“The beauty of a fairy garden is that any type of miniature landscape works, from an urban landscape to a more natural one,” Tom adds, “Fairy gardens really are limited only by your imagination.”

Finally, you’ll need to select a place for your fairy garden to thrive. Many miniature plants require added protection from the elements, so choose with care, water often and add a sprinkling of fairy dust.

Fairies and other magical “wee folk” have long been fixtures in fables, myths and ancient folklore, in which these mystical beings have flitted across gardens. It is often said that they bring luck, prosperity, and good health to the chosen few whose garden they inhabit.



Stephen Clarke