From camera to canvas

Print your favourite photographs to canvas and decorate your home with personalised works of art.

Photographs no longer need to be relegated to the hard drive on your computer or hidden away in photo albums.

Digital images can be transformed into stunning pieces of artwork for eye-catching, decorative wall hangings, or gifts for friends and family which will be valued and treasured for many years to come.
Thanks to today’s modern technology, the photo-to-art canvas printing technique is simple, easy and cost-effective.

Whether it’s a stunning landscape photograph, a holiday snap, or pictures of friends or loved ones – or perhaps even a family pet – using your own photographs is a quick, inexpensive and unique way to decorate your home with beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces of artwork that will stand the test of time.

Vision Marketing is one such company in Cayman which is putting a modern day spin on classic photos.

“Photos-to-canvas are a nice way to display any photo, taken by the average person with an average digital camera, amateur photographer or professional,” says John Kirksey of Vision Marketing.

“If anyone just snaps a photo and finds it’s accidentally brilliant, we can help them display it with canvas, easily and inexpensively as a work of art for the home, office or workplace. Even old photographs can be scanned, touched up and output on canvas to add character and longevity to the photo.”

The photographs are printed on high-quality canvas with solvent inks, ensuring they can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

A range of finishes are available, including matte or satin, as well as sizes to suit just about every request imaginable.

Modern technology also means that the image can easily be manipulated to enhance the original photograph, often with dazzling results.

Streaks, blurs, blemishes or unsightly red eye effects are easy to deal with, colours can be enhanced or removed–black and white images are often particularly striking–and photographs can be cropped.

Using computer software, photographs can also be manipulated to mimic artwork. For example, brush strokes can be added to give the image the appearance of an oil painting.  Print your favourite photographs to canvas and decorate your home with personalised works of art.