In control of technology

For those of you who might not be tech-savvy, pop into Audophile where the experts can show you exactly what the equipment does and how to install and use it.

Does anyone know how we survived without something as simple as a remote control?

Who can believe that it was only a few decades ago when people actually had to get up from the couch and turn a knob on the television to get it working?

Of course, technology has advanced exponentially since those days. Televisions with huge, crystal clear screens are getting thinner, sound systems offer superior quality and volume without taking up half a room, and home automation is no longer a dream in the future.

It is now possible to control not just your entertainment systems, but lights, blinds and other items in your residence or corporate office that previously required manual attention.

Audiophile in Governor’s Square offers both hardware and years of experience when it comes to automation technology. Although such solutions used to be only available to the very rich, there is now a range of products on the market allowing other gadget fans the opportunity to enjoy them as well.

URC, a company whose acronym reveals exactly what they produce – Universal Remote Control – can run everything in your home from sound systems to the thermostat.

It comes with a choice of in-wall controllers and handheld remote controls, and you can even use your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to run the system. As they say, “there’s an app for that”.

If you want to go to the next notch in technology, you can start looking at Vantage systems. Compatible with iOS and Android devices, Vantage can automate almost everything you can think of. And it’s not restricted to private residences. It is used in many offices to control screens, projectors, blinds and lights.

Not on land? No problem. Vantage has a line of components made specifically for marine use. Even on luxury yachts, space is at a premium, and therefore it is important to offer a solution that allows maximum control but requires minimum real estate.

Vantage control panels are chic and subtle, and can manage multiple systems on-board with just a touch of a button.

Savant is the cream of the crop, offering a number of expandable Apple-based control and multi-room audio and video SmartSystems that easily connect to and manage all the technologies in your home.

From stand-alone home theatre control to whole-home automation managing multiple services and devices simultaneously, Savant’s line of SmartSystem solutions can effortlessly manage all functions based on your lifestyle.

SmartControl – automation and control expansion

Savant’s line of intelligent and expandable control-only devices delivering whole-home automation. It can manage audio/video components, lighting, climate, security systems and any other equipment or technology commonly deployed in the home.

SmartVideo – control and cutting-edge video features

SmartVideo delivers integrated control connectivity, video distribution, processing and scaling, and powers Savant’s on-TV menu portal – TrueCommand. Savant’s SmartVideo can enhance your viewing experience by taking a standard definition video source and scaling it to full HD 1080p video.

SmartMedia – Savant’s SmartSystem that can truly do it all

With well-balanced features, the SmartMedia platform delivers whole-home control, multi-room audio, video distribution and the enabling of Savant’s TrueCommand. All of this from a single system packaged within the smallest possible footprint.

SmartAudio – the ideal home control and multi-room audio system

Controls any device or service (lighting, climate, security, etc) and distributes music up to eight zones with SmartAudio. Plays independent audio streams from multiple formats and sources to set the mood or enhance your surroundings. Powers your SmartAudio listening experience with Savant’s 16-channel digital amplifier.

SmartMediaPro – for large and complex multi-zone environments

Savant’s family of high-bandwidth matrix switchers and controllers provides audio and video switching, video processing and scaling, complete control and automation, customisable digital signage and video overlay features including TrueCommand. SmartMediaPro can deliver up to 36 HD video zones and 144 rooms of audio. 



Stephen Clarke