Splash out on a pool

A pool is an inviting addition to your home and is a great way to enjoy Cayman’s tropical climate in the privacy of your own garden.

“Adding a pool to an existing home is the best way to enjoy outdoor living in the Caribbean,” James Bussey from Oasis Pools and Spas says. “Not only is it a great place for the family to cool off but it is also a great place to spend much-needed quality time together.”

Indeed, a pool is often seen as one of the main features of a garden and is a place to relax, entertain and exercise.

“There are many things to consider before adding a pool,” James explains.

“(For example), how you intend to use the pool, whether it’s for recreation, exercise or simply a water feature to complement the space.”

While high-end luxury homes are often viewed as incomplete without a pool, more and more home owners in other property price brackets are now adding pools, thanks to new technology which helps lower operating costs.

“Pool equipment has come a long way in the past few years,” says James. “Traditional swimming pool pumps can be expensive to operate and can cost hundreds of dollars each month. Modern equipment can reduce this cost by up to 90 per cent.

“This, however, is the tip of the iceberg. Through pool equipment automation we can programme your equipment to operate in an extremely efficient manner and also monitor chemicals, operate water features and control all of your pool and landscape lighting with the push of a button on your iPhone or iPad. Imagine leaving your favourite restaurant and adjusting the temperature of your hot tub so it is ready for your arrival home.”

While pools are a great place for entertaining, they are also an excellent addition as part of a healthy lifestyle. Swimming has long been recognised as one of the best all-round modes of exercise.

Aquatic fitness can burn fat faster, is gentle on joints and exercises just about every part of the body. Water also provides resistance, which strengthens muscles and boosts cardio intensity too.

Lap pools are great if space is limited, and their elongated shape and clean lines are elegant and modern. For those with even less space, the addition of a current pump to a small plunge pool allows you to swim against a pre-set current..

However, for those with plenty of room, installing a pool offers many possibilities with regards to shape and size, from a sleek lap pool, to infinity pools, waterfall features, a winding lazy river snaking around a garden, or even a hidden grotto.

“One of the most popular pool designs on island is the vanishing edge or infinity edge pool,” says James.

“Perimeter overflow pools are becoming more popular as the evolution of the infinity pool.  A perimeter overflow pool appears to look like a pane of glass in your patio, constantly overflowing.  The pool overflows into a hidden catch basin or reservoir and is then re-circulated to the pool. This effect is visually stunning.”

Those wishing to make a striking statement can finish their pools with a range of colours and shimmering surfaces to truly stand out from the crowd.

Lights, too, can add a dramatic dimension to your pool, while giving you more time to swim and entertain. Today, there is a wide choice of options, from fibre optics, which can create a soothing glow on your pool, to LED lights, which are energy efficient and come in a wide range of colours.

So, which ever pool you opt for, get ready to dive in. 

Pool Fit

Pools are a great way to get fit. Here are some top calorie-burning exercises.

Jog in waste high water – it burns more calories than jogging on dry land due to the added resistance of the water.

Strengthen your core with pool planks. Stand on the pool floor with the water waist high, hold a noodle – or water log – vertically in both hands and press it straight down into the water. Lean forward until your body is on an even incline and try to keep yourself stable for one to two minutes.

Give your heart a workout. Hold a ball with both hands directly in front of your navel and run across the pool as fast as you can for one minute. Rest for 30 seconds and repeat.



Justin Uzzell