The greener alternative

With Cayman’s natural beauty playing an important role in the economy, it is vital that as much as possible is done to protect the environment.

And utilising more fuel-efficient and less polluting engines, big and small, can have a significant long-term impact.

Although propane might be better known as a fuel for home appliances, it offers a viable alternative to petrol and diesel, with full or partial conversion of many traditional fossil fuel engines possible.

These conversions represent the most affordable green choice to power a vehicle and in the long run it will extend the life of the engine and save the user money.

In Cayman, Home Gas offers numerous options when it comes to making propane part of a greener alternative.

Propane offers up to a 90 per cent reduction in carbon monoxide, a 19 per cent decrease in green house gas emissions and 20 per cent less nitrogen oxide released into the air, compared to gasoline engines.

As well as working well in cars, in heavy equipment like trucks a propane assist system can reduce pollution caused by incomplete combustion of diesel fuel.

The system injects propane into the engine to enable complete combustion of the diesel, causing the elimination of hot gas, the familiar black smoke that can be seen belching from truck exhausts.
According to Home Gas, the installation of the system is not very complex and can be completed in around four hours.

Even lawnmowers can run on propane, offering far lower pollution levels than traditional fuel due to the traditional inefficiency of lawnmower engines. Unlike gasoline, propane does not go bad if stored long term, which also helps increase engine life.

Outboard engines
Cayman’s marine environment is highly sensitive and many older outboard engines, especially old two-stroke carburetted engines, can be quite polluting and fuel inefficient.

Four stroke engines have made great strides in fuel efficiency and quiet operation, while modern two stroke engines with high pressure direct injection can come much closer to the fuel efficiency of four stroke engines

They also meet the strict emissions standards set by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board, which granted Yamaha’s two stroke engines a “very low emissions” two star rating.

Yamaha’s line of four stroke outboards does even better, with an “ultra low emissions” three-star rating.

“While Cayman has no legislation mandating certain standards, Yamaha meets the most stringent global standards and offers Cayman the very best in efficient, clean burning very quiet outboards so your boating leaves a very tiny foot print on each and every outing,” says Wayne Kirkconnell of Automotive Art, which has the exclusive Yamaha dealership in Cayman.

“We know we need to take care of our environment, if not for our generation then for the generations to come. Yamaha’s four-stroke outboards help you help the environment without taking away from your boating pleasures in our little piece of paradise.” 



Wayne Kirkconnell of Automotive Art