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 Bathe in music


A. L. Thompson’s has recently gained a new addition to its supreme line of bathroom products. Experience bathing reinvented with VibrAcoustic technology by Kohler, which adapts the science of sound therapy proven to ease stress and enhance well-being.

While you are in the bathtub, music and vibration from your smart phone, tablet, or MP3 player completely surrounds you, permeating the core of your body. Relax in your bath as the special hidden speakers emit sound waves that travel through the water, creating soothing vibrations. Using a combination of music and sound vibration, Kohler VibrAcoustic technology creates a unique bathing experience that rivals a session at the spa.

T: 949 8622


Dealing with Yamaha 


Automotive Art now has an exclusive dealership with Yamaha in the Cayman Islands. The company deals with Yamaha’s entire line of products (minus the music side) including scooters, motorcycles, Waverunners, generators, water pumps and outboard motors. Automotive Art offers full factory-trained servicing, as well as factory-backed warranties on all products.

The company aims to exceed customers’ expectations with products and services of superior quality, unmatched performance, and extraordinary value.

Automotive Art
T: 949 7102

Beautiful Bassett furniture 


Beacon Furniture is now the exclusive Bassett Furniture dealer in the Cayman Islands. The great feature of the line is that it includes pieces for every room, with different sizes, shapes, finishes and fabrics which can be customised according to your taste. The Beacon Furniture sales team can guide you through the custom design process using Bassett’s website.

Nothing is “cookie cutter” at Beacon Furniture which stocks stunning pieces and accessories ranging from unique coffee tables and comfy sofas to dining room ensembles. Beacon Furniture staff will help you express your own style while providing the highest standards of service and client satisfaction. 

Beacon Furniture
T. 943 2323

Designer dining furniture 


Marksons is a complete interior design entity, offering one of the Cayman’s largest selections of furniture, and now has attractive new wooden dining collections in store. The collections come in three, five, seven and nine-piece sets and can be seen in Marksons’ 13,000 sq. ft showroom at 19 Compass Drive off Shedden Road. Some of the furniture is created with a look of reclaimed driftwood.

This rustic look makes for beautiful furniture and is available in servers, TV consoles, occasional tables and bedroom furniture, giving a fresh alternative for an updated look.

T: 949 6233


All Weather Coatings 


Robert Wood Interiors & Lighting is offering a new, innovative service to ensure your house is protected against the elements. All Weather Coatings offer great alternatives to exterior latex paints and vinyl siding. The coatings available are waterproof, energy efficient and, most importantly, flexible. The coating is able to stretch up to 645 per cent and still recover its original shape, meaning no cracks or splits as your building shifts over time.

Unlike paint, the All Weather Coatings products resist chipping, flaking, dirt, mildew, and are UV and fire resistant. The coatings are available in a huge variety of colours and cover almost any surface. An occasional hose down is all that’s needed to keep your home looking new for years.

Robert Wood Interiors & Lighting
T: 949 7765

Robes and cover-ups 


Rugs Oriental in the Galleria Plaza has some beautiful new products from Turkey, including a selection of bathrobes and housecoats produced with only the finest quality, hand-woven cotton. As well as luxurious, plush bathrobes, made from beautiful, thick cotton, Rugs Oriental also has lightweight cotton housecoats/bathrobes made from the traditional thin towels or peshtemals.

These lightweight robes are perfect for Cayman’s climate as, being pure cotton, they are super absorbent, fast drying and extremely compact. Use them as a bathrobe, a housecoat, a dressing gown or a beach cover up. They come in a range of beautiful colours and weights, making them a really useful garment for travelling.

Rugs Oriental
T: 943 7847


Transform your kitchen 


With Custom Closets, updating your kitchen and adding value to your home has never been easier. Custom Closets is offering a quick and affordable renovation process known as refacing, which adds instant beauty and transforms your kitchen. Cabinet doors and drawer fronts are removed and replaced, creating a stylish, up-to-date look.

With constant exposure to food, grease and water, kitchen cabinets take a lot of abuse, and cabinet refacing is a less expensive and easier alternative to complete replacement of kitchen cabinets. Through a variety of styles and finishes, you can customise the look to fit your home perfectly. Simple or elegant, make the kitchen of your dreams a reality.

Custom Closets
T: 623 6774

Energy savings calculator


Go Gas wants to help consumers understand the benefits of switching from electric energy guzzling appliances to energy-efficient propane appliances. The new Go Gas Energy Savings Calculator lets you choose your appliance and your approximate amount of usage per month and then gives you an estimate of how much you can potentially save each year by switching one, two or three of your appliances to propane.

The calculator also estimates the amount of CO2 emissions saved by using propane instead of electricity as an energy source. On average, switching to propane can save you over 50 per cent on energy bills.

Go Gas
T: 927 6951


Get LEED certified 


Given the ever-increasing costs of living in the Caribbean, it is becoming even more critical for everyone to ensure they live in a healthy and efficient home. GreenTech is the only company in the Caribbean able to provide LEED certification to residential homes.

The firm is a regional leader in sustainability, offering a wide range of products and services to aid homeowners in decreasing operational costs as well as improving the environmental impact and overall health of their homes. GreenTech’s home energy audits utilise the most advanced technologies available and are carried out by a team of certified home energy raters and “green” raters. 

GreenTech (Cayman) Limited
T: 345 949 TECH (8324)

Strong storage solutions 


Storage Solutions, the Cayman Islands storage specialist company, now has a brand new set of StoreWALL products. StoreWALL offers storage for residential, commercial, industrial and retail premises as well as farms, offices and garages. The StoreWALL wall panels are incredibly strong, rugged and waterproof and come in five designer colours and wood grains.

StoreWALL’s heavy duty panels are specifically designed for use in high abuse areas, such as your garage.

The panels are versatile and can be used indoors and outdoors as a wall panel system or free-standing storage.As well as the heavy duty wall panels, StoreWALL also offers heavy duty shelving. The shelves never need painted and can be easily wiped clean.

T: 525 2647

Recycled furniture 


As recycling becomes more popular in Cayman, a shop has recently opened which specialises in restored and refurbished furniture. The Nook is home to up-cycled, interesting and unique pieces of furniture for your living room, bedroom, kitchen and patio.

The furniture is restored in a number of different styles so there is something for everyone. Browse the showrooms and find everything from beautiful antique chairs to retro modern dressers. The shop is owned by photographer Jennifer Newton and artist Lisa Motta and is located in the Eden Centre, Walkers Road, Grand Cayman.

The Nook
T: 916 0819


Website takes root


Vigoro Nursery has introduced its latest growing project–the new interactive website www.vigoro.ky. The site is still young and has room to grow but its roots are sturdy and its branches are ready to expand. The website is perfect if you don’t have time to stop at the nursery, but have a question that needs to be answered.

Just send over your query via the website and Vigoro staff will get back to you personally by email. The site is full of information such as specials, events and articles, as well as the products and services on offer. Also, look out for Vigoro’s new Facebook page coming soon.

T: 945 5236