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Lydia Uzzell, designer and owner of Designworks Ltd., offers an insider’s guide on which blogs to follow for design ideas.

I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I follow seven blogs, religiously (enjoyed first thing in the morning with coffee in hand). They are an inspiring way to start the day, keeping me current with the design industry, providing decorating tips and advice, offering vendor introductions, supplying a forum for design-based discussions…. you get the idea.

With an extraordinary number of blogs popping up in the blogosphere, and with compromised content as a result of “the business of blogging” (aka posting in exchange for advertising revenue), it’s increasingly difficult to find blogs that are actually worthwhile. Here are some tips to help you wade through the offerings:

Follow someone whose style resonates with your own so that you are not only inspired by what you see and read, you are also acquiring relevant information.

Find a blog whose author only posts about products and designs they personally love, ensuring authentic content regardless of whether a commission is paid. This will weed out the bloggers who post about anything and everything to get the advertising dollar.

Choose a blogger who is committed to blogging daily, there is nothing worse than getting excited about a blog only to find it isn’t updated regularly.

Check out a blog aggregator, they are usually searchable by topic so it’s easy to find something design related. A good one to try is bloglovin (, which rates blogs by popularity. Bonus – it’s available as an app on your Apple goodies.

If you find a blog you like, take a peek at their “blogroll” – a list of favourite fellow bloggers, you’re guaranteed to find more blogs that take your fancy.

Here are a few of my favourites: 

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  1. Hi Lydia
    What a nice informative article, and gorgeous photo of course :)) ! Am totally familiar with the ‘coffee in hand’ but had not taken to ‘following blogs’ yet. Your favorites are very inspiring, and I will take time to explore the wonderful world of bloggers.
    Ingrid :)) xo