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  • Finger pulls – continuing the ultra-clean look, some cabinetry has no visible pulls, handles or knobs – instead one tucks one’s fingers into the groove behind the cabinet door to pull it open.
  • Bright backsplashes – mosaic or textured tiles, stainless steel panels, stone or even a bold paint colour on backsplashes can all add visual interest to the kitchen.
  • Stainless steel toe kicks – add a little European flair to the kitchen with stainless steel toe kicks at the base of cabinets
  • Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry – one wall dedicated to floor-to-ceiling cabinetry can solve all your storage woes, while maximising window space on other walls.
  • Blind corner shelving – kidney-shaped shelving and special hinges maximise storage space by fitting into blind corners.
  • Integrated appliances – create a continuous look and colour scheme with integrated appliances that will “disappear”.