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Top tip
Dog’s love to chew on a bone, but never give your dog a cooked bone as this can be extremely harmful. A cooked bone is brittle and could end up splintering and puncturing your dog’s stomach and intestine. Many die from this. Always feed your dog a raw bone, which is not brittle, or a rawhide chew from a pet store.

Just like children, dogs get bored when left alone at home with nothing to keep them occupied.

Dog trainer, Kenneth Morgan, aka “Cayman’s dog whisperer” gives his top tips on keeping your pooch entertained at home.

Keep your dog entertained with a variety of toys, from soft squeaky ones, to hard rubber toys, ropes and balls. Keep a combination of toys to hand and rotate them on a daily basis to keep your dog’s interest in them.

These popular toys are readily available at pet stores on-island. The toy can be stuffed with your dog’s favourite treat – from fresh meat bits to a smear of peanut butter – which your pooch will spend hours trying to retrieve.

Bones and chews
A couple of times a week or more, keep your pooch occupied for hours with their favourite treat – from a pig’s ear to a recreational bone. Bones and chews help satisfy your dog’s chewing instincts while providing much needed entertainment at the same time.