LogicTV – it makes sense

In North America, a certain level of quality and availability is expected of TV and internet services.

the most part, this can be attributed to the fibre optic infrastructure
such as Verizon’s FiOS or Bell Canada’s fibre, which deliver internet,
telephone and TV services over their resilient, redundant and highly
available fibre networks.

In the past, TV in Cayman relied on
wireless and satellite technology to transmit the television signals,
and was susceptible to changes in the weather and atmospheric

With the change to fibre optic networking, services
are literally moving at the speed of light and can be rerouted around
equipment in the event of a fault so that customers can continue to
receive their service seamlessly.

In North America, content
providers like HBO, FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC, Time Warner, PBS, and most
others, send their broadcast and on-demand services via fibre optic
networks, to maintain the service levels that their customers have come
to expect.

For the last two years, Logic Communications (Logic)
has been working with these TV providers to license content for the
Cayman Islands.

This, coupled with its fibre optic network,
allows Logic to deliver the services with the same quality expectations
they have in North America.

Richard-Munday-Head-Shot  Richard Munday
VP of International Business Development
E: [email protected]
T: 345-743-0090
W: www.logic.ky  

“LogicTV–it’s waterproof” says Mike Edenholm, chief executive officer of Logic. “With LogicTV, digital TV signals are sent to our local video processing centres over fibre optic submarine cable systems, and are therefore not susceptible to rain, strong winds, lightning or just plain bad weather. We then deliver the TV signals to your home over our brand new local fibre optic network.

“With LogicTV, you’ll enjoy an uninterrupted crystal-clear picture along with our Total Home DVR, all HD-enabled TV receivers, choice programming, picture-in-picture channel preview, RestartTV, CatchupTV and on demand features, as well as access to over 30 HD channels, and growing.”

Lewie Hydes, chief operating officer at Logic adds that a first class, dependable and secure fibre optic network is vital to the success of the Cayman Islands, pointing out that Logic plays a major role in providing this infrastructure.

“As the demand for capacity and data speeds increases, companies and residents can be assured in knowing that Logic has the facilities in place that can meet all of Cayman’s requirements for the foreseeable future,” he says.

With the purchase of TeleCayman, Logic has extended its fibre footprint, allowing the company to bring TV, unlimited telephone and internet to more areas of Cayman than ever before.

Plus, to augment their already extensive fibre footprint in Cayman, Logic is expecting to spend over CI$54 million in the Cayman Islands over the next five years on new fibre installations.

The company is committed to providing world-class services to Cayman, which will not only improve telecommunications and entertainment services, but also foster economic growth, which benefits everyone in the community.

Logic provides internet packages with download speeds of up to 20Mbps, and upload speeds of 5Mbps. Using Logic’s fibre is a significant improvement over copper and wireless technologies available in Cayman today.

“Logic is providing the services that customers have requested, not only fast and reliable downloads from the internet, but also higher upload speeds for photo sharing and backups,” explains Heather Lockhart, Logic’s corporate sales and marketing manager.

“Logic provides you with everything you need to experience a superior connection to the internet, from the moment that you sign up with us. Come visit our retail store at Governors Square to activate your account.”


Logic has also launched the unique product, ChatterBox, which is an alternative to a traditional phone service, as it’s digital and operates over the fibre optic network.

“With ChatterBox, you have unlimited international calling for one low monthly charge,” explains Heather.

“All you need is a high speed internet connection. For business customers, add a ChatterBox international number and give your business a local presence in any country, or people with friends and family overseas can call you at their local rate.

“Also, to cut your cellular roaming charges, just take your ChatterBox with you when you travel and call Cayman from anywhere in the world for just 2.5 cents a minute, or other Chatterbox phones, anywhere in the world, for absolutely nothing.”