Play day for dogs

Dog owners can all attest to times when they have returned home to find furniture destroyed or a “mess” in the corner of the room.

With people typically working longer hours than ever before, our four-legged friends often find themselves home alone for extended periods of time.

Not only does this leave Fido feeling bored, it also means pet owners feel guilty for leaving their pet unattended at home all day.

A growing trend for doggie daycare, however, is keeping man’s best friend entertained during the day.

Cayman Pet Paradise, a ranch-style doggie daycare and boarding facility set amidst three acres in Newlands, is one such company in Cayman. It works just like daycare for kids. Owners drop their pooch off on their way to work, and pick him or her up at the end of the working day.

Cayman Pet Paradise offers dogs a large, securely fenced-in exercise yard where they can spend the day running around and burning off energy with a group of friendly dogs from multiple families, instead of being cooped up at home.

“We have more area and space than any other place on island,” says Andy Kronick, manager of Cayman Pet Paradise. “It’s a great space for high-energy dogs as it gives them that chance to burn off all their energy. Pet owners needn’t worry about their dog destroying the house while they are at work. The dogs go home tired, leaving their owners free to relax and not having to worry about walking them.”

Ensuring a dog has sufficient daily exercise is important for the dog’s health and wellbeing. A dog which isn’t exercised sufficiently can become bored and frustrated, which often leads them to taking their frustration out on the home, from chewing shoes to ripping up the sofa. They are also likely to become overweight, leading to an array of health issues, including diabetes.

At Cayman Pet Paradise dogs get lots of attention throughout the day, with staff frequently coming out to throw a ball or simply lavish them with affection. Trees are dotted throughout the play area offering plenty of shade, and water containers are kept topped up on a regular basis.

Andy says doggie daycare is not only a great way in which to keep pets entertained during the day, it is also an important tool to help socialise pets. Doggy daycare is also a great option for more nervous dogs or those which suffer from separation anxiety.

“Dogs are social animals and enjoy the companionship of others,” he explains.

“Socialising is really important for dogs and makes them far easier to handle. A socialised dog is far less likely to become aggressive when encountering other people or dogs out on a walk, meaning the owner can relax more too. Overall, it just makes for a happier dog and, in turn, a happier owner.”



Stepehn Clarke