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What good is a new thermostat if you are blowing much of the conditioned air into the attic as a result of leaky ductwork.

As the price of energy continues to rise globally, we as consumers are sure to bear the increasing costs of maintaining and running our homes.

The best value for money you can undertake in making your home efficient is to get an energy audit by a highly-qualified expert using the latest in energy-saving techniques and equipment.

This little understood and often ignored service leads many of us to trouble shoot our home’s “problems” ourselves, or under the guidance of less-than-qualified individuals, only to be sorely disappointed with the results.

A consumer may change to more efficient lighting, a hot water timer, a digital thermostat, more efficient appliances, added insulation, solar panels, a tankless water heater, even a new and more efficient air conditioning system.

However this might lead to the realisation that the resulting savings and/or payback are miniscule and no real financial relief has been achieved.

Chances are that’s because the person didn’t really address the fundamental problem(s) with the property.

What good is a new thermostat if you are blowing much of the air into the attic from leaky ductwork into your rooms?

What good is a new high SEER air conditioning unit if your home’s envelope is leaking cool air to the outside?

Is it smart to buy expensive LED bulbs for spaces where the usage can never justify the costs?

Is it not better value-for-money to buy less solar panels for a more efficient home versus buying more panels for a less efficient home?

Once your home has been energy audited by a qualified expert you will be given a comprehensive report outlining the issues with your property’s efficiency.

You won’t just be told there are leaks, as thermal imaging cameras and state-of-the-art pressure testing equipment will show you exactly where those leaks are.

The report offers a blueprint to a more efficient home and is an invaluable tool to make value-for-money decisions on what items you want to fix as a priority.

These services are not only for homeowners–business owners and facilities managers for commercial properties can also reap the same benefits.

Don’t be fooled by anyone–contractor, building service provider, materials supplier or otherwise–who tells you they know how to make your home more efficient if they are not a qualified HERS rater or a similarly trained energy expert.

So what does all this cost? Typically, it is just pennies per square foot, far cheaper than most of the changes one would make when trying to use guesswork.

GreenTech (Cayman) Limited is the foremost green building products and services firm in the Caribbean with trained and qualified experts on staff such as HERS raters, “green” raters, LEED APs, home inspectors, geothermal and solar experts, and sustainable architectural designers.

Whether you want to build a new home or office or improve an existing property, GreenTech has the qualified experts that can assist.