Window treatment

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Plantation shutters
Popular in the Caribbean for their aesthetic qualities, these can be made from wood or PVC. Wood shutters are recommended for the tropical climate as they can easily be adapted or repaired. They also come in a variety of paints and stain colours, with three sizes of louvres, and in most shapes, to customise as required. These are great for blocking out the sun and to some extent good for insulation.


Curtains give a huge range of options, in any fabric or colour of choice, to match the decor of a room. They are also practical as they can block out light and can be lined with varying degrees of opacity, up to 100 per cent sun blocking effect. The linings can be attached to the drapery or pleated separately where they function independently, offering the ability to filter your view or to block it completely.

Horizontal wood and faux wood blinds are an economical way of covering windows, allowing privacy but retaining the ability to view the outdoors by letting in light, and preventing people outside from seeing in.

Roman shades
Fabric Roman shades are great for privacy and black-out qualities, while woven wooden Roman shades filter the views and gives a nice tropical look.

Luminette privacy sheer blinds
These are excellent for places without a lot of traffic and for sliding door use. They give the ambience of softness like draperies but still provide privacy when tilted closed.

Roller shades
Come in screen variations of opacity from one to 20 per cent openness. These shades are popular for commercial application as they break the glare and heat factor while allowing a filtered view of the outdoors. This feature is especially beneficial in that they do not have to be operated on a regular basis which enhances their lifespan. Other fabrics and vinyls are available for roller shades and these offer a blackout effect without attracting higher costs.

Vertical blinds
These are available in PVC or fabric vanes. This window treatment has come a long way, and now offers wand controls without an “upcharge” which provides a cleaner functioning feature in the absence of cords and chains. They are very cost-effective and remain popular for their tailored look.

Although a “hard” treatment, these give the feeling of drapery, softening the look of a room. At long last they now have a blackout feature that makes them more desirable than previously.
Honeycomb and pleated shades

These add elegance to a room and are available in sheer, semi-opaque and opaque. The air pockets block out heat and keep interiors cool. With the feature of combination fabrics, they can be both sheer and/or opaque with one shade. A top-down/bottom-up feature also adds diversity to the line.